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Sure as I need charms to tempt me,
I need new chains to break free
Love for an instant, then be gone for a while
Marvel, run, run and hide, alike the cancer from the tide

Because away from all of what’s consistent and real
Is a place for innocents who bent life to their will,
A mind-crafted garden letting rivers of wine
Flow down to ones’ throat and reveal him the child

As my inner garden gave me these grapes to feed
I grew forever young by the rivers’ stream
I danced upon bridges over the flowing wine
Drowning my memories, scaring me just fine

Sure as my head was to lose the memories
I planted in my mind a forest of ideas
Some growing fast and sharp, others slowly wide
All branches intertwined by my poetry’s vine

Then I left the garden, seeking for relief
Brought along nothing but a single maple leaf.
Still I return and take a sip, every once in a while,
Of this wine that made me sick, as it made me free and wild.

A place where one is being held free might be no place for exile